Get Unstuck.

Change is scary. Thoughts of safety and the need to control something are incessant.
Fear drives our decisions. These are terrible decisions. Our bodies show us the consequences of these decisions. Repeat.

Welcome to the pain cycle.

Exit the Pain Cycle

Tendril is a creative approach for integrating change into a life of vitality. We provide tools, experiences, and support for growth.

Nagging Questions

How do I leave my… job, marriage, location, etc?

Why isn’t my life working out?

Where do I go next? How do I know what I want?

What is my life purpose? Why am I here?

Why do I feel like something’s missing in my life?

We are Tendril, a creative approach to integrating life’s biggest changes to design a life you love. We uniquely blend metaphysical and scientific systems for deeper self-discovery. It starts with knowing who you are in the context of the cosmos, the order of things. When your body, mind, and spirit are congruent and it’s time to build your business, write your book, make your art, or leap out of the pot you’ve outgrown, we’ll help you do that, too. Sovereign togetherness.

What We Offer:

  • Astro-Guided Sessions: Dive deep into your astrological chart with Tarot and Human Design to uncover pre-conditioned potentials, challenges, and growth opportunities. Apply human-centered design principles to create a scenic roadmap for your goals with clarity and intention.
  • Design-Your-Life Playshops: Experience transformation in a few hours with guided playshops themed by the seasons or topics of challenge. Ideal for groups who want to collaborate at a higher level or individuals who like being around people.
  • Integrative Retreats: Practice mindfulness, presence, and self-awareness through experiential adventures in nature. Fun in action.
  • Community Support: Maintain the magic in your daily life with personalized rituals and learning through our unique membership that includes courses and resources. Choose your adventure but with a sherpa.

Welcome back to the life cycle.

I’m Ready. Take Me There!

Our Magic


We begin with a ceremony of centering and setting intentions. We do this with cacao and tea, meditation, and sound.


The body holds wisdom so we nourish it, move it, delight in it, care for it, and refer to it often. We’ll practice yoga, breathwork, hiking, paddlboarding, dancing and more.


From astrology, Tarot, Human Design, Gene Keys to human-centered design, systems building, mental models, and frameworks, you’ll have greater context to expand your consciousness.


This is the fun part (not that the others weren’t enjoyable). Here we dive into craft, writing, baking, making, rituals, lunations, visioning, and more.

Co-create With Us!

Are we a fit?

We’ve been looking for you!

Life seems ok, but there’s a persistent feeling that you aren’t fulfilling your potential.

You want to change your daily habits by replacing negative ones with healthy rituals.

You want to change careers or relationships and need support remaking your life.

The pain of indecision has wrecked your nervous system and body and healing is a priority.

You’re really into astrology and want to gain clarity and insight into your unique gifts and purpose.

You’re curious about your awakening…and magic.

Welcome Home

Nope. And that’s ok.

You already know everything because you’ve tried everything, and your default stance is resistance.

You can do it yourself by reading your pile of books, Reddit, and watching YouTube videos. You’ve got this!

You have a detailed plan for how your life should be.

You don’t like systems and avoid structure and discipline.

You bristle at the word “devotion.”

You have to see it to believe it.

You avoid feelings at all costs.

Maybe I’m missing something

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I Want In!