Stretch With Confidence

Growth By Season

In the spring, weeds are the first insistent sprouts desiring to live after winter. Consider these persistent habits and unhelpful belief systems. Wildflowers and other fragile buds also vie for a place above ground and in the sun. It’s a hopeful landscape of color but also contains the violence and confusion of new beginnings. 

The skillful gardener knows how to nourish the soil, pull the invasive weeds, and care for the tendrils in the garden of intentions. The master gardener understands seasonal cycles and the patterns of the stars in the stewardship of earth and humankind.

Monica Paredes


An integrative astrologer and evolutionary process midwife. With 20+ years in brand, strategy, and technology, I weave my work with astrology, Tarot, herbalism, and somatic practices like Kripalu Yoga and sound meditation. I serve to demystify and destigmatize the esoteric arts to expand our human experience.

Dylan Moffett


A soul wilderness guide for men ready to heal their father wounds. I help co-create new life and thriving relationships through Human Centered Design, coaching, and outdoor adventures, combined with a deep understanding of human psychology and what makes us come alive.